Something New

Hello Hello!!

Another Wednesday is upon us! Yay! And it flew by!
It's been another busy week! (Aren't they always??) I started school this week for the first time since highschool.. about four years ago. Already four assignments! But it turns out once I actually sat down and started doing the course work it's not actually as daunting as I thought it would be. Kind of made me feel productive! I have a pretty relaxed job environment and being able to work on my homework while at my job is going to be a huge bonus! While I worked on my geography homework, I munched on some strawberries.

I got an awesome deal on them and now I have a boatload! Lucky me I love them!

I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon (everything is going to be a-o-k!) which almost made me late for my first day of class! I was a SPEED walker to catch the bus from downtown Seattle to my campus! Fortunately, I was only five minutes late and was able to catch up on everything going on. Math will be a challenge, but I guess I knew that before the class even started! To help ease the pain of the first day, they had cookies at the front door. I cherished one that was amazingly soft. Then did some grocery shopping with Jay, my boyfriend. He's adorable and had called me up yesterday afternoon while he was at the store because he missed me and wanted my help!! Talk about being appreciated!! :)

So I'm off work in a few! And I've been staring at this all day!!!

So I cannot wait to get outside and enjoy some sunshine! I've got a book to return to the library and I'll use the 1 and a half mile walk as some cardio for the day. And with my goals in mind, I'm doing some strength training again tonight! Jay and I did go to the gym on Monday evening. So tonight I will lift again! Consistency is key!

Hope everyone had a great day!!

Take care,
Kelly Katheryn

Any fresh produce come into season where you are that you have an over abundance of to relish in??


Double Whammy!

Happy Monday All!
The week started off nicely with my favorite breakfast!! Oatmeal! Jay and I went grocery shopping last night and I grabbed some oats. Added in half of a banana with some peanut butter and I was good to go til noon!
Sorry I was MIA all weekend long.. I was cat sitting for friend while she was off vacationing in Hawaii!!! It's nice to be home and get back into a routine. March has been an INSANELY busy month. Now that April is just a few days away, I feel like it's a good time to assess some new goals and focus on myself for a bit. You ever need to do that?? I get caught up in life and tend to put somethings on the back burner, ie 8 hours of sleep, not drinking soda, and other trivial things. :)
So with that said, here are April's goals!

1. Focus on Strength Training
2. Get 8 Hours of Sleep
3. Meditate to Relieve Stress (10 minutes?)

I like how these goals look and they fit in with things I've been thinking about since I ran in the St. Patty's Day Dash. I strained my right hamstring while training and never took the time off until these past couple weeks. Well, now I am having a tough time getting back into the routine of working out. Since I will start training for my half marathon at the end of June, I'm going to focus on strength training for now. It will be a nice change of pace and hopefully keep me motivated! While reading the book Eat, Pray, Love I have started to gain a better understanding of meditation and feel that I could make personal gains from just 10 minutes a day. So that's a little back history of my new goals!
Tonight I've got shoulders, biceps, and triceps on the line up! Will likely include some ab work..
Now for some eats. I stocked up on cantaloupe and strawberries yesterday. I've been snacking on them like crazy.

And I made up some SPICY meatballs and spaghetti last night. It was even better as leftovers today. Yum!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Take care,
Kelly Katheryn



That was the number of people at the first game of the season for the Seattle Sounders!!
And I was one of the completely drenched people! It was so much fun!

But first things first... I started my day off with some toast and pb and banana again! Such a filling combo!

The day went surprisingly fast while at work and before you know it, it was lunch time! I made myself another 'manwich.' I don't mind leftovers. As long as I'm not eating the same thing throughout the same day. Plus I've got a couple more containers left.. I'm planning on pawning one off on Jay! That filled me right up. I got off work a bit early to head downtown and meet up with our friends, Kelli and Edgar and Jay. So right before I left work, I had a yogurt. I knew we were probably not going to be having something to eat before the game! That held me over as I walked downtown. After meeting up with the gang we walked over to Occidental Park, which is where the march begins before every Sounders game. It was hopping! Drew Carey, yes from the Price is Right!, gave a pep talked and we marched to Qwest Stadium!

As we walked along there were companies handing out free stuff.. 2010 Census, Subaru, Monster.. I signed up to win a Subaru because I LOVE THEM! And also grabbed a Monster shot, just for fun! ;)

It was actually pretty tasty. I don't normally do the whole energy drink thing, but atleast it wasn't in a can the size of my forearm!
90 minutes went by faster than excepted, especially with pouring rain at times! And after the game all we wanted was a beer. I munched on sweet potato french fries and fish sticks(?!!) while sipping a Pyramid hefenwiesen. And after all the excitement, I slept like a rock.

Whew! What a post! It's finally Friday!! Hope everyone has a great afternoon! Any plans for the weekend??

Sherlock Holmes is in the two dollar movie theater, so I'm thinking it's a date night with my love!

Kelly Katheryn

PS.. I don't own a camera so these are courtesy of my crackberry! Someday though!


Motivize Me!

Hey!! Finally over that hump!
Wednesday is winding down. It was a b-e-a-utiful day here in Seattle! Sunshine in all its glory. Yes, the sun does shine in Seattle!
So I woke up to lovely sunrise and made myself some toast with some peanut butter and cut up half of a banana to top it. My second day on the job and I'm lacking some photos, but it was fab. I tried my hand at some iced coffee to go with it. Delish!
The morning FLEW by and before I knew it my tummy was grrrowling!
Jay and I had made a trip to Safeway the other night and found a super deal on some Manwich sauce. :) I femmed mine up a bit by toasting my whole wheat bread, laid a bed of spinach, spread out my Manwich meat, and topped with shredded carrots and purple cabbage! It was pretty tasty!

After said sammy, I was craving something sweet. So I had some yumberry grapefruit yogurt. Yum indeed!
My friend had ordered me the book Eat, Pray, Love and I reached Pray today. I've really struggled with yoga and meditation because of my lack of focus. The first few chapters really opened my eyes to a whole new approach to meditation and practicing yoga! I cannot recommend this book enough! And seriously looking forward to the movie!!
Around 3:30 this afternoon I started feeling snacky and sliced up a Golden Delicious Apple!! My fav! That held me over until supper where I fixed up some Turkey Chili. I added in some corn and sour cream for good measure. Tortilla chips helped me scoop up a big bowl and now I'm watching America's Next Top Model. Wowzers. Drama. To help me deal, I am snacking on a Kit Kat bar. Haven't had one of these in years. Very comforting.

I've got a date with some weights at 9!! Hoping to get motivized and start working out again. Took two weeks off after my 5K cuz I pulled my hamstring... but I need to get back into the swing of things!!
Good Night!!

Kelly Katheryn

What foods do you find comfort in??
I'm going to go with chocolate and ice cream!! So amazing!


My First Rodeo

So being an avid blog reader, I've decided to create my own personal space on the internet! Thus the creation of the Pursuit of Fabulous! So this is my first rodeo with posting! :)
I plan on blogging about my journey as I seek out the perfect balance of working out and eating right! I currently work full time and will start school next week to get my BA in nutrition science! I started getting back into long distance running this spring. Just last week I completed the St. Patty's Day Dash in Seattle!

It was such a great experience I came into work the next week and signed up for the Eugene Women's Half Marathon, my first one!! It's about six months away! Plenty of time to prepare! Right? ;)

I like keeping busy and here to support me through the mayhem is my loving boyfriend, Jay! He's my best friend and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!
I also became an aunt this past year and feel very close to my family! I believe that family should be your stronghold and I know that the relationship I have with my siblings and parents will get me through anything!
I look forward to sharing my journey and plan on continuing to learn about food and fitness from all you other bloggers!!

Take Care!

Kelly Katheryn