Earth Day!!

Today is Earth Day! I hope everyone was more concious about the our lovely planet! I try to do my part by using reusable grocery bags, packing my lunch in tupperware, recycling at home, and taking quick showers! :)
Speaking of our planet, I have my first paper for school due this Saturday. If we relate a current event to our text we get extra credit points. I have chosen to write about the recent discovery of the Atlantic garbage patch. I was aware of the Pacific garbage patch... the size of TEXAS!!

And was pretty disappointed to learn another large mass of trash was developing in the Atlantic Ocean. I have a feeling the paper will be an easy one to hash out. :) :)
In other news, I had a very eventful weekend. Went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!

And then camped at Deception Pass. Sunday was a beautiful day and we were able to get in quite a bit of hiking. We saw so much wildlife... bald eagles, seals, otters, starfish.. and I got some sun! Yay for summer!

Jay and I are getting better about being prepared and I made atleast TEN sandwiches for our adventurous weekend. No need to eat out! And packed my homemade hummus with pretzels and carrots. I also grabbed a big bag of trail mix, I love chocolate!
It's been a pretty eventful week at work, some news that will create lots of change... and I'm hopeful that it's in a good way. No reason to discuss it in detail on here, but the times they are a changing.
I've also been struggling with my right hamstring.. STILL!!!! I made an appointment to visit with a Sports Medicine doctor next week, because this is getting out of control. The 'tension' is moving down into my knee. :( However, I did do some extensive stretching last night that helped things.
Also last night I was VERY successful with making some spaghetti squash!

Mixed it up with a can of diced Mexican?? tomatos, sauteed zucchini, onion, and bell peppers. Very yummy! And leftovers are DA BOMB!

Tomorrow is Friday!! I'll be back with some recipe ideas for meal planning next week!!


Kelly Katheryn