Feelin' Better

Hey All!
Glad to be feeling better after my little bout with a cold! I had some serious sniffles and major coughing! But, glad to say I'm past the whole nose like a faucet thing and moving on!
Had an amazing weekend! Played some Age of Empires III on Friday night after some SERIOUS grocery shopping! Yay! Picked up a tennis racket and hit the courts on Saturday afternoon. It was such a beautiful day.
Jay went out and celebrated a friend's birthday by going to a concert Saturday night. Which worked out well.. I ended up watching the Sounders game on TV with a friend and then doing my math homework!
Speaking of homework.. School isn't as daunting as I thought it would be. I'm taking my first Math class tonight and feeling pretty comfortable. Geography is painfully boring, but I will manage to survive! Cha-ching! :)
While watching the Sounders game, I needed something to fuel me after my tennis match!

I cannot believe I have never had this kind! It was nothing short of amazing!! Sunday was a pretty chill day which was vital to my recovery from the hacking, sneezing, and sniffling! I made some carrot soup

and watched.. four episodes?? of Lost! It is getting so intense! We're almost done with Season 2. I realize I'm behind. :) Along side that tasty bowl of soup was some Truscuit crackers. Delish! I may or may not have snacked on some Juju fish.
Well now Jay has caught the bug I had.. so it's off to do my math test and then play nurse! He's such a thankful patient it will be easy!

Take care,

Kelly Katheryn

PS.. Totally failing this meditation thing, unless you count the ten minutes before I fall asleep???

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