Eating to Live vs. Living to Eat

Hey Gang!
Made it to another Friday! The day has flown by. Turns out I'm really boring with what I eat. I mean I could eat leftovers all week! And did! Spaghetti and meatballs for four days???!
So I thought I would touch on in issue I'm working on getting a better understanding of: eating to live vs living to eat. Of course everyone needs to eat! That's not what I am talking about here. I'm talking about eating all the time, compulsively. Reaching into that bag of pretzels, handful after handful, until the whole thing is gone. Day after day. Eating because we're bored, tired, stressed, angry, sad.. for any reason other than being hungry.
I know I'm guilty of it.
And I find it maddening when I do!
I am normally gone from 6:50 in the morning until anywhere from 6:30-9:30 at night on the weekdays. With a long commute and then going to the gym after I get back into town from work, it can make for a long day. And almost compulsively, I always eat when I get home. Now, when I was working out 4-5 days a week that was necessary. You need to fuel your body, but since I took a couple weeks off to let my hamstring heal it is not necessary. Yet I find it to still be in my daily habit. And I think it's because I like to relax and cooking or preparing food is a very relaxing hobby for me. However, I need to start eating to live. When I'm training for a race I need to eat like it! Now that I'm just staying active and healthy, I need to eat like that too. I need to quit acting like my only hobby is eating (living to eat) and start doing things when I get home at night.
With my schedule slowing down, I will have more time to be mindful of my decisions. Rushing all the time will need to stop. And with my lastest goal, courtesy of Eat Pray Love, of daily meditation, I think these are all practical and easy things to do!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! It's a friend's birthday party tomorrow! And I plan on getting together and going for a jog with another friend! Plus I finally get to hang out with Jay!! He's been busy with the launch of his business, but he's all mine for the weekend! :)

Take care,
Kelly Katheryn

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